Having recently added screws and plates to my clavicle I’ve discovered the indoor-trainer. If your in the market consider the Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2. Struggling for the motivation to ride indoors I turned to YouTube and found a series of Indoor Cycling Videos, https://youtu.be/XfSOZva-v3s, always wanted to ride in Europe. With the breeze-less heat of indoor riding I wished I could ride barefoot and discovered this affordable solution.

These Shimano Deore XT Pedals Have Prefect Studs For Holding The Cardboard In Place.

Riding barefoot feels great and helps me get over the indoor riding during rehab and the point-of-view videos are more realistic then I had imagined. The Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2 is very impressive. Completely stable and the ride is just as realistic with real world road resistance.

So; I cut some cardboard thicker then my pedal studs and it snapped in place with the cleats securing the cardboard firmly in place. It worked just as envisioned. Clearly this works only on flat pedals, sorry clip-less folks. If looking at an eight week recovery you might consider putting flat pedals on for some barefoot riding.

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