Have I ever been bored on my bike? Trick question. Job loss and lock-down are re-defining time. I sleep whenever, ride whenever enjoying the early hours. Sometimes getting out the door is tough. Don’t know why. One book that I find a real door opener is, The Runners Literary Companion. A compilation of short stories and poems, all riveting a few will leave you consider truth or fiction. You’ll see what I mean.

Not A Cycling Book Per se. “The Runner’s Literary Companion” Is Exceptional Motivational Reading With A Collection Of Memorizing Stories.

Dave Wottle 1972 Munich Olympics 800 meter final. If This Doesn’t Motivate You?

Dave Wottle stunned the Olympic stadium in Munich with this relaxed confident run for gold in the 1972 800 meter-final. It gets me every time. A stunning athletic effort.

Bob Beamon left the world-record in his wake by 21-3/4 inches with one of histories seemingly effortless superhuman performances in Mexico City’s 1968 Olympic Games. A genius unaware of his own natural greatness is a momentous force.

Winning seven tours in a row, unthinkable, maintaining a level of fitness separate of all for seven years, impossible. What separated Lance Armstrong from the rest of the the fields was his mental toughness and superior training. All the contenders were doping Lance just out worked them in every way. His job was too win.

Mental Toughness.

These two highlight clips I find inspirational. Sheer determination coupled with prefect training was unstoppable for seven years in France. The positive channeling of adrenaline Mr. Armstrong deployed as a results of these unforeseen circumstances is another example of superior mental-toughness. Few can bounce back from adversity with such confidence and controlled power.