Socialized Medicine works and really saved me when I needed saving. My left clavicle was re-built with plates and screws last week and I barely realize it today. Now an indoor trainer for eight weeks subsequently this topic.

Socialism Often Confused With Communism Has Always Been Cycling Through America.

Socialism and cycling collided last week after a foolish crash with no helmet. I crashed badly, hobbled home, orange-sized lump on forehead and sketchy left shoulder. The whole while thinking, I have no money, no health-care and man do I need some health-care. Saint Anthony’s Hospital was close. I checked in at ER making it clear I had no health insurance, credit or cash. “Don’t worry about that, let’s get you fixed up now.” Cat-scan, shoulder surgery and 48 hours later I rolled out if Saint Anthony’s feeling safer, on the mend awaiting the bill. I filed for Medicaid the first time in 58 years never thinking about all those deductions from years of underpaid servitude as it hit me has hard as I hit the earth with my forehead three days prior; Socialism is alive and well in America, as my claim was accepted.

Truth is socialism is everywhere schools, roads, parks, libraries, most all technology, the entire military budget, a trillion or so depending on who’s counting, it’s all Socialism at work and is 100% taxpayer funded. I-Phone and our I-World was created through socialism. As I see it most of humanities best efforts evolved through socialistic concepts and ideas despite the constant misinformation. Both Professor Richard D. Wolff and Robert Reich are both champions of facts and history when it comes to Socialism, Communism, Capitalism and Economics. Understanding Socialism is a prefect factual explanation of Socialism. Robert Reich produced Inequality For All also on Netflix, a detailed look at the intentional demise of the middle-class. Follow Professor Wolff Democracy At Work and Robert Reich at these YouTube Channels. Both men are brilliant and speak only truth.

For me Socialism’s benefits are clear. We all share in helping each other and subsequently all of society by pitching in and sharing the benefits of pure team work with a balanced shared economy. Not an economy where ten people get it all. The ever-present failure of this Capitalist Greed has brought us today’s complete unsettled and imbalanced society. Professor Wolff and Robert Reich make it clear we have moved from Socialism For All to Socialism For The Insanely Wealthy.

A Union Of Cycling History.

“Salveson reminds us of the role of working-class writers such as Allen Clarke, who converted thousands of his readers to socialism ‘by making them laugh’, and of the Clarion cycling clubs, which introduced a generation of working men and women to a new, fun and recreational, kind of politics. He also shows how the co-operative movement and the trade unions, helped to shape a durable and independent working-class culture.”