It see it every day, tricycles, training-wheels, dusty bikes, uni-cycles, recumbent, a penny-farthing, e-bikes, cargo-bikes. With Corona-virus the need to recreate is plentiful and nature still is. My town Golden, Colorado is built for cycling, bike-paths, miles of concrete-trials, adjacent, the foothills with access to Morrison and Evergreen making a great day ride with may options for more miles along the route. Since lock-down I’ve been riding three-plus times a day turning every errand to an eight or ten mile loop. I might become a bike-racer after this, if there is an after.

The silver-linings. Cleaner Air! I see Denver without a brown-cloud. I see a new sea of cyclists. Bike shops are booming, my chain is clean, always. Cycling, it’s free health-care just outside your door. Exercise will the only health-care available soon. Cycling is freedom on steroids in these perplexing times, freedom from the insanity of reality. So get out and ride, ride like your life depends on it. I know mine does.


Unbidden, Johnson—who, before becoming prime minister regularly cycled in London—added that “there will be a huge amount of planning going to helping people to get to work other than by mass transit and this should be a new golden age for cycling.”

Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia. ~ H.G. Wells