I confess, yes I ride with music in my ears, always have always will. Music is a significant motivational tool for me. Music dilutes the terrain, helps pacing and dis-associates the reality of hills. Riding inside the tracks often between drums and bass, a guitar-solo. Every time I step on the pedal that free feeling you start to glide, physically and metaphysically to another space rolling through nature with all you senses fully engaged and relaxed.

Sunny days, irresistible. The snow is magical, distinctly at night with a big moon. Sunrise, the first weeks of a season, the smells, leaves. Full-moons are in a class by themselves and my theory is the magnetic-pull of the full-moon makes riding easier on a steel-frame bike. It’s just a theory. Visualization’s power will influence physical reality.

Glad I got out this time, this was wild, riding along a concrete trail, wide, flat, I see a rabbit running back and forth across the trail thirty yards out. I approach said rabbit continues this scampering, then jumps from the left flying up hitting my right hand and bouncing off. Holy Monty-Python, Flying Rabbits at this time of day.

“One of the most important days of my life, was when I learned to ride a bicycle.”
Michael Palin