As this virus shuts down capitalism there hasn’t been a better time to ride a bike since the invention of the automobile. Human powered transport takes back the roads as Mother Nature reclaims her planet while air and water get cleaner by the hour. This is the perfect opportunity to evaluate what you really need in life. Two cars vs one car and a few bicycles, an E-Bike, plant a garden. Simplification will be essential to success and survival in these uncertain times with total failure of leadership in Washington.

The death of capitalism and the slow motion genocide of America’s back-bone the middle-class is happening now, televised live 24-7. Societal change can’t happen soon enough as infinite growth on a finite planet has proved the pure insanity it sounds like. An economy built on intentional war for profit, oil and lies is not sustainable. As American Empire unfolds we need too force change upon the selective-ignorance of revolting-wealth which has brought us to this, edge of extinction.

We need too act now as the “residue of democracy” (Chomsky 2015) is in peril. Cycling is one of life’s great experiences now more than ever, enjoy every ride! I am grateful for many things, these days my bike is topping the list. Here’s a great story to take your mind for a ride.

Leadville, Colorado’s Burro Race.